Amanda at The Rod Homestead

Amanda at The Rod Homnestead
Amanda at Rod Homnestead

Amanda at Rod Homestead

The Rod Homestead

Amanda is a homesteader, mother and grower of beautiful things. She has been living the homestead life passing down things she learns to the next generation. Amanda is always excited to share recipes or tips and tricks for the kitchen and garden.

A mother of 5, Amanda’s time spent in the kitchen is plenty. She is passionate about knowing and learning where food comes, how to grow it and how good homegrown ingredients taste. Trying to live off the land as much as possible, with continuous gardens growing 3 seasons of the year and ducks that lay eggs daily, she has the freshest ingredients needed for most recipes. Whether making fresh pasta, breads, syrups or salts, Amanda does everything with a deep love for the food itself and whoever she cooks for or with. Living this life and wanting to share it with others is what culminated in The Rod Homestead.

Join Amanda in the Farmhouse Kitchen and discover your inner-homesteader!