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We run a variety of classes at the Ag Center!

Look for our Childrens’ Nature series, gardening with local experts and small farmers, and some ag-focused classes.

Culinary classes at The Farmhouse Kitchen offer home cooks the opportunity to learn from local professionals. Our chefs come from different backgrounds and disciplines, sharing information about a variety of cultures and diets, cooking techniques, nutrition and wellness. Classes at The Farmhouse Kitchen are a place to have fun with old and new friends.  Class size is limited so students receive personal attention. Each class features tastings or a light meal, and sometimes we send you home with what you have made.

We hope you will flip through our schedule and sign up now!

  • Mastering the Chicken: Breaking Down the Whole Bird

    In this Kitchen Superpowers session with Chef Mike, we will get hands on in small teams to learn how to break down a whole chicken, demonstrating techniques from stuffing the breast to braising the legs, as well as how to…

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  • Meatless Meals: Chickpea Burgers with Caramelized Onions

    Do you love a good veggie burger but not all the salt and preservatives? In this class, you will learn how to combine protein-packed garbanzo beans with a few simple ingredients to make healthy, tasty plant-based burgers. Chef Tamara will…

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  • Mozzarella From Scratch

    Learn the basics of using rennet to turn milk into cheese in a mozzarella-making demonstration. Then Chef Tamara Christians will take you through hands-on techniques for stretching a sweet, tender curd into your own fresh mozzarella balls. Go home with fresh…

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  • Kids in the Kitchen: Pretzel Bites with Cheese Dip

    Join Miss Amanda in the Farmhouse Kitchen for our Kids in the Kitchen Pretzel class! Let’s get hands on and bake our own pretzel bites, then create a cheddar cheese dip to pair them with. A well-loved pairing, these plump,…

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  • Homemade Salad Dressings: From Simple to Complex

    Never use the bottled stuff again. Elevate your warm and cold salads with the layered flavors of a homemade dressing. This class gives you the techniques and flavor profiles needed to make your own spectacular salad dressings, from the very simple…

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  • Kids in the Kitchen: Cake Pops

    Cake Pops are fun party fare for all ages! Learn how to make your own with premade cake and your own homemade buttercream. Our pops will be dipped in chocolate and put on a stick. Children will learn how to…

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  • French Country Cassoulet

    French cassoulet was a “peasant” dish, very popular amongst the less affluent French population, and tis deep flavor and simplicity made it a French tradition. We’ll dive into the history, proper ingredients and technique that go into to making this…

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  • Quick Pickles!

    Kids in the Kitchen! At the end of summer, gardens are bursting with produce, and we hustle to preserve the harvest. Pickling is an easy way to save almost all vegetables. We’re going to tackle quick pickling, also known as…

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  • Lebanese Kofta, Homemade Hummus and Pita

    Do you love grilled meat but inwardly groan, “Not another burger!”? Learn to make a Middle Eastern Kofta, a flavorful spiced meatball-shaped to fit perfectly on wooden skewers for grilling or baking. You’ll start with yeast and flour to make…

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  • Kimchi and Preservation with Lacto-Fermentation

    Learn to use the science of lacto-fermentation to make this classic Korean condiment. You will chop and shred the vegetables, then enjoy a kimchi cheddar melt while waiting for your cabbage to sweat. You’ll return to your vegetables to finish…

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