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We run a variety of classes at the Ag Center!

Look for our Childrens’ Nature series, gardening with local experts and small farmers, and some ag-focused classes.

Culinary classes at The Farmhouse Kitchen offer home cooks the opportunity to learn from local professionals. Our chefs come from different backgrounds and disciplines, sharing information about a variety of cultures and diets, cooking techniques, nutrition and wellness. Classes at The Farmhouse Kitchen are a place to have fun with old and new friends.  Class size is limited so students receive personal attention. Each class features tastings or a light meal, and sometimes we send you home with what you have made.

We hope you will flip through our schedule and sign up now!

  • Homemade Orecchiette Pasta

    Orecchiette means little ears in Italian! These small shell-like pasta are fun to make! We will learn to make the little ears in class and then create a braised cabbage, preserved lemon and pancetta “sauce” to top them. Learn about the origins…

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  • Buttermilk Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

    Buttermilk Biscuits and Sausage Gravy! A country favorite, this dish is comfort food personified. We will make proper buttermilk biscuits together and learn how to make the flavorful sausage sage gravy to top them. As part of that process, we’ll…

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  • How We Roll! Game Day Egg Rolls

    Crispy Egg Rolls are a welcome addition to most parties and a tasty vehicle for a number of fillings and sauces. In this hands-on class we will show you how to create three different types of egg rolls for Super…

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  • Making Valentine Bath Bombs

    Treat yourself to a Valentine treat! Learn to make fragrant, fun bath bombs for yourself or as gifts. Amanda from The Rod Homestead will have the forms, the know how, and the bath bomb bar open for business. Participants will…

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  • Dark Chocolate: Decadent Treats for The Solo Valentine

    Does the sweetness of Valentine’s Day leave a cloying feeling in your mouth? Take a break from milk and white chocolate and explore the richness of dark chocolate treats. In this hands-on class, we’ll make decadent dark chocolate bark and…

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  • Kids in the Kitchen: Color Twist Heart Cookies

    Part of our Kids in the Kitchen series, geared to kids between 7 and 13, this drop-off class will teach everyone how to make classic twist cookies with colorful doughs. Amanda, from The Rod Homestead, will cover the basics of…

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  • Gardening: Seed Starting

    Join us at The Agricultural Center for Liam Duffy’s Small Gardeners’ series. We begin with some “get to know you” Q&A. then we get hands on learning about successful seeding and germination techniques for beginning farmers and home gardeners. This garden…

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  • Canning: Orange Marmalade

    Why this is the best marmalade: Versatile – Serve it on grilled pork tenderloin, grilled chicken, stirred in Greek yogurt or overnight oats, or simply slathered on toast! Delicious – This marmalade tastes so much better than anything you can…

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  • Backyard Chickens: How to Change Your Local Laws

    Are you interested in having chickens but your town’s regulations do not allow backyard birds? Come to this presentation by South Jersey’s Backyard Hen expert, Gwenne Baile, and find out what she has been able to do – working with…

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  • Duck Confit Spring Rolls

    Fresh spring rolls are a delicious, and often impressive, appetizer to offer guests. Participants will be hands-on creating a tasty Asian-influenced duck filling. Then we will show you how to handle and fold the wrappers to get seal for your…

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