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We run a variety of classes at the Ag Center!

Look for our Childrens’ Nature series, gardening with local experts and small farmers, and some ag-focused classes.

Culinary classes at The Farmhouse Kitchen offer home cooks the opportunity to learn from local professionals. Our chefs come from different backgrounds and disciplines, sharing information about a variety of cultures and diets, cooking techniques, nutrition and wellness. Classes at The Farmhouse Kitchen are a place to have fun with old and new friends.  Class size is limited so students receive personal attention. Each class features tastings or a light meal, and sometimes we send you home with what you have made.

We hope you will flip through our schedule and sign up now!

  • Homemade Pierogies

    Every culture has its comfort foods! Join us in the kitchen for a local favorite – homemade pierogies. We will get hands on making the dough and filling for the pierogies. Working together, we’ll fill, cook and then taste our…

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  • Making a Bohemian Dreamcatcher

    Join Ivy on Main Floral to build a beautiful boho dreamcatcher of your own creation! Harmony will guide you on a hands-on journey in the art and lore of the dreamcatcher. You will use contemporary artistic adaptations that incorporate silk…

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  • DIY Cement Planters

    In this class, Amanda from The Rod Homestead will teach you to mix and form your very own diy cement planter. This is a simple and inexpensive “do-it-yourself” alternative to retail store planters. You can customize and decorate once it’s…

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  • Mastering Creme Brulee

    Creme Bruleé is a classic dessert, that seems intimidating, but is surprisingly easy to make at home. Participants will learn how to temper eggs and make a custard, tips for cooking without circling. And the technique to create the perfect…

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  • Get Cultured: Homemade Yogurt

    Yogurt is a staple for breakfast and as a snack. It is a healthy alternative to other dairy in sweet and savory recipes. Yet, yogurt seems intimidating when you think about making ti at home. We will show you a…

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  • Cooking with Botanicals: Spring Bounty

    Flowers aren’t just for the garden. In this class you’ll learn how to use the beauty of spring botanicals to elevate your edible creations. Using spring blooms, you’ll make candied flowers to take home, and then create edible floral designs…

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  • Kids Nature Series: Be A Monarch Superhero!

    Join us at the Farmhouse with Mindy’s Den for a hands-on children’s edu-tainment session about our magical monarch butterflies! Participants will learn about the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly by studying live specimens, dramatic play and a related craft….

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  • Pate a Choux: Sweet & Savory Dream Puffs

    Pate a Choux is the dough that makes so many types of sweet and savory puffs, from sweet cream puffs and eclairs, to savory gougere. Working with Chef Mike, participants will learn the proper way to make the dough, techniques…

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  • Fresh Pasta Lasagna alla Bolognese

    Lasagna is a very versatile dish and there are many home variations. Do you use bechamel between the layers like the Bolognese? Do you use cottage cheese instead of ricotta? Do you smear your cheese layer or dollop? We will…

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  • Kids Nature Series: Hello Hummingbirds!

    Hummingbirds migrate to our area every summer! Participants will learn fun facts about hummingbirds, play two learning games to reinforce the information, play a memory and relay game with flowers, catch insects, plant zinnia seeds and make a hummingbird feeder…

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