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We run a variety of classes at the Ag Center!

Look for our Childrens’ Nature series, gardening with local experts and small farmers, and some ag-focused classes.

Culinary classes at The Farmhouse Kitchen offer home cooks the opportunity to learn from local professionals. Our chefs come from different backgrounds and disciplines, sharing information about a variety of cultures and diets, cooking techniques, nutrition and wellness. Classes at The Farmhouse Kitchen are a place to have fun with old and new friends.  Class size is limited so students receive personal attention. Each class features tastings or a light meal, and sometimes we send you home with what you have made.

We hope you will flip through our schedule and sign up now!

  • Delectible Dips, Quick Spreads and Quick Bites

    Join Amanda from the Rod Homestead in the Farmhouse Kitchen for a class that puts together a spread of appetizer options for the busy home entertainer! We will get hands on with a riff on classic hummus, a garlic and…

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  • Kids in the Kitchen: St. Paddy’s Day Cupcakes

    In this class, we’ll be making a delicious chocolate cupcake and a classic buttercream icing. Participants will learn the basics of cupcakes and icing, and how to make chocolate-shaped shamrocks to use as decorative toppers. This fun topper is easy…

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  • Kids in the Garden: Seed Exploration

      How do seeds travel the world? They travel by air, water, as hitchhikers and by exploding! Through hands-on activities, we will experiment with all the different ways seeds travel, we’ll taste assorted edible seeds, and then we will make our own…

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  • The Real Ragu: Homemade Pasta with a Game Sauce

    In northern Italy, a traditional ragù is thick, slowly cooked, meat-based sauce, to which vegetables, milk, and wine may be added, typically served over a wide pasta. In this class we will make a braised game ragù and serve it over…

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  • The Garden: Prepping for Spring

    While the weather is still chilly, learn how to plan for a new season, start your garden, and manage your seed starts.  Attendees will learn how to pot up and care for herbs, flowers, and vegetables to grow at home and…

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  • Canning: Apple, Onion and Ale Relish

    This apple, onion and ale relish is so simple and delicious slathered over a crispbread topped with aged cheddar, or used on hamburgers and bratwurst! The malt and hops from the ale really add depth to this sweet and savory…

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  • Keeping Hens in a Suburban Yard

    You have decided that you want Backyard Chickens! Good for you. Now, how do you do that so that your birds are safe and healthy, your neighbors are happy, and you are free to enjoy the benefits of owning chickens?…

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  • Fabulous Flatbreads

      Flatbreads can be an appetizer or an entire meal, depending on your toppings. You’ll learn to make a proper flatbread dough, how to bake it to crispy, chewy perfection, and while we work on our toppings, we will discuss…

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  • White Chicken Chili with Cornbread and Drizzle Dumplings

    A classic chili turned upside down! A chicken chili thickened with beans, this gluten free chili is so light and flavorful you will be happy to have it in your recipe box. Fast, easy, and delicious, this riff on traditional…

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  • Mozzarella From Scratch

    Learn the basics of using rennet to turn milk into cheese in a mozzarella-making demonstration. Then Chef Tamara Christians will take you through hands-on techniques for stretching a sweet, tender curd into your own fresh mozzarella balls. Go home with fresh…

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