Classic Chicken Pot Pie

A good old-fashioned chicken pot pie is hearty, tasty, and satisfying, and in all its variations, it has been feeding common folks and the wealthy for thousands of years. The pot pie’s roots go all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome. The Greeks took cooked meats, sliced them, and wrapped them in pastry shells. The earliest known written recipe comes from Rome’s Cato the Elder in the 2nd century BCE.

Wherever the Greeks or Romans went, those pies went, too. The popularity of meat pies continued through the Middle Ages and into modern history. As a dish that can be made with simple or more luxurious ingredients, the pot pie transcends economic class and lands square in the camp of hearty comfort, food.

Gets hands on in the kitchen with the preparation and assembly of our own chicken pot pie. We will create the filling, talk about and work with puff pastry dough and share tips and tricks for making a satisfying pot pie with a flaky top crust.

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