Cooking with Tea

With Chef Junnie Lai

We like a good cup of tea! We can certainly incorporate tea leaves into your cuisine all.

Chef Junnie Lai would like to share a few recipes with you cooking with tea.

  • Spiced Tea Roasted Nuts
  • Black Tea (Lapsang Souchong) Gravlax
  • Tea Vinaigrette & Salad
  • Earl Grey Panna Cotta

Junnie Lai is a chef who uses her culinary talents and creativity to make beautiful, delicious and health-conscious food. Born and raised in Malaysia, she is not only well versed in her native cuisine, but also that of India, Thailand, and Vietnam. Junnie grew up in her family’s baking business, and has extensive experience in baking and pastry. She continued her education and training in the United States, and has worked in the US as a research chef in food product development, and as a pastry chef at a five-star hotel-brasserie.

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