Farmhouse Tasting Table: The Bloomies

Bloomy Rind Cheeses

Join us in The Farmstead Kitchen for an evening of luscious soft-ripened, bloomy rind cheeses. Bloomy rind or soft-ripened cheeses (like brie and camembert) can be made of different milks or mixes of milks, but all have been treated with a specific mold so that they ripen from the outside inwards. The thin crust (rind) is white and velvety to the touch, the word “bloomy” referring to that tactile sensation when handling these cheeses. Soft-ripened cheeses are semi-soft and creamy in consistency.

We will taste four different bloomy rind cheeses, with accompaniments, and discuss differences, how they are made, what to look for and what we taste. Beverage pairings will be discussed.

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