Healthy Meal Prep on a Budget

What if we told you that you can slash the amount of time you spend shopping, prepping and cooking family meals…and we could show you how to do that with healthier foods…on a budget?

The Farmhouse Kitchen and ForkU are joining forces to host a Meal Prep Party! This hands-on experience will include:

  • Grocery Shopping & Meal Planning Ideas
  • Quick & Easy Portion Guides
  • Meal Prep Instructions
  • Recipe Cards
  • Take-away meals that YOU helped make!

Every participant leaves with two servings of meal prep to enjoy at home.

Melonie is a Pn1 Certified Nutrition Coach, owner of Fork U Nutrition, co-owner of CrossFit Cervus in Hainesport, NJ, yoga instructor and owner of Kick Your Asana Yoga. Melonie takes an honest, realistic approach to nutrition. Her coaching focuses on working with clients to help them set goals and make plans that support sustainable change for a lifetime of health & happiness. She believes that vlients can be successful with varied avenues of nutrition methodology, as long as they have a solid plan & remain consistent.

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