Lasagna Bulb Garden Workshop

Chase away those winter blues with a vibrant, long blooming spring display! Come to the Farmhouse for a bulb lasagna class! Different spring bulbs bloom at varying points from March through April, and by planting in layers, you’re guaranteed a whole spring’s worth of successive blossoming.

Learn planting techniques to create a colorful and long-lasting display of flowers by layering bulbs in a single container (sometimes called Bulb Lasagna). Once you know the ropes, you can create bulb gardens for spring, summer and fall. You bring the container and a bag of potting soil. We’ll bring the bulbs and show you what order to plant the different size bulbs, how far apart to space them, and how much potting soil to add between layers.

You’ll take home a pot ready for spring, planted with bulbs like daffodils, tulips and crocuses. After that all you’ll have to do is put it outside in a semi-protected spot and wait for spring. This is a great way to get maximum flower power in a small space. One advantage of Bulb Lasagna is you can grow them right on a porch or doorstep where they’ll show off their color to the best advantage.

Details about pot sizing will be sent with registration confirmation. Create your own bulb lasagna for spring!

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