Farmhouse Kitchen

Mission Statement

The Farmhouse Kitchen is a shared-use, commercial kitchen facility.  It provides kitchen space for local food entrepreneurs to explore new food business ideas with minimum capital investment, allows farmers to add value to their raw agricultural products, and existing food businesses to sustain and scale-up.  In addition to preparing products for sale, the kitchen is also equipped for cooking demonstrations, educational classes and training, and is available for private functions.

Class Descriptions/Sign up

About Our Classes

Classes at The Farmhouse Kitchen offer opportunities for aspiring home cooks to learn from seasoned professionals. Class size is limited so students receive personal attention, and each class features ample tastings or a light meal, and class-made-creations to enjoy at home.

  • Intro to Vegan Baking

    Vegan baking can be intimidating. Fear no more! Join Maranda Burns, Pastry Chef and owner of Pee Wee’s Ice Cream, in learning how easy it is to turn your recipes into plant-based recipes.   Maranda will go over some simple vegan... Sign up

  • Easter Basket Swap

    Join Maggie Alfinito, owner of Sunflour Bakeshop for an Easter Basket Swap!  Participants will learn how to make peanut butter eggs, coconut eggs, buttercream eggs and coconut macaroons.  At the end of class, you will swap creations and make individual... Sign up

  • Easter Floral Centerpieces

    Join Ivy on Main Floral for an evening of beautiful blooms and flower arranging.  During the workshop, you will be introduced to different spring flower varieties, learn the basics of flower prep and maintenance, and get an expert tutorial from... Sign up

  • Kitchen Farmacy

    The plants in nature can provide relief to many of our ailments.  If you’re looking to get back to using natural remedies for you and your family, join Alene Brennan to explore exactly how to use spring’s harvest to create... Sign up

  • Macarons

    Have you ever wondered how to make the beautiful, eye catching French Macarons seen in so many bakeries, T.V. shows, and magazines? Now you don’t have to!  Cara Griffin will teach the methods involved in making perfectly chewy shells and... Sign up

  • Ravioli from Scratch

    Ravioli are a traditional type of Italian filled pasta you can easily order out at a restaurant, but have you ever made them from scratch?  Join Cara Griffin from Sift Bake Shop in making ravioli three ways using traditional handmade... Sign up

  • Herb Jelly & Tea Jelly Canning

    Participants can customize the flavor of this versatile yet easy-to-make jelly by using different herb and tea combinations.  Herb jelly is a tasty companion to cheese and crackers, and makes a delicious glaze for roast and grilled meat. Tea jellies... Sign up

  • Tea, Scones & Sweets

    It’s tea time!  Maggie Alfinito, owner of Sunflour Bakeshop, will demonstrate how to make the perfect lemon curd. Then each participant will make a different variety of the classic tea-time pastry – scones!  Participants will enjoy the fresh baked scones... Sign up

  • Mexican Chilaquiles

    Spice up your typical Taco Tuesday with a new Mexican classic, Chilaquiles! A perfectly paired dish composed of fresh corn tortilla chips, tomatillo sauce, perfectly juicy, roasted chicken, and of course, the crowning glory, a fabulously runny, sunny-side up egg.... Sign up

  • Spring Juices & Smoothies

    Are you always on the go and looking for quick and easy ways to stay healthy?  Juices and smoothies may be the perfect option for you.  They hold the nutrients to fuel your body and boost your energy!  But not... Sign up