A look ahead to next week ~ Aug 10th is our Peachy Party with peach basket giveaways and everything peachy.
What to look for on Saturday August 3rd…
Live Music with JB Rocks
Cooking Demo at 10am in the Farmhouse Kitchen with A Mother’s Love Seasonings.
Whalen Farms will definitely be with us for 2 more Saturdays, and then we’ll just have to see how many more after that. Therefore…… it’s officially time to panic and stock up on those blues to get you through the cold months ahead.
1895 Organic Farm will have kale, carrots, beets, onions,squash, cucumbers, potatoes, and of course so much more Certified Organic
The cantaloupes are being picked at Durr Farm right now as we speak! You’ll find cantaloupe mountain right next to sweet corn mountain. And what about watermelon mountain? ~ maybe next week. Durr Farm will also have more blackberries, a field of tomatoes and peppers of all kinds. Look for squash, onions, eggplant, maybe beets, cut flowers and just so much more ~
Robson’s Farm is bringing the heirloom tomatoes, cantaloupes, peaches, peaches and peaches, eggplant, cut flowers and lots more.
Cranberry Hall Farm will have more juicy watermelons on Saturday including their special Orange Crisp watermelons. Their cantaloupes are delicious, along with those tomatoes, peaches, carrots, zucchini and more.
Spinella Farm will have lemon cucumbers, Sicilian epplant, fingerling potatoes, garlic, onions, greens and peaches.
It has been an exciting week on Cherry Grove Farmas they head out to win a few cheese awards at The American Cheese Society Conference. Fingers crossed ! What can you find tomorrow? Havilah, Abruzze Jawn, Trilby, Rarebird, Oooumammi and some Brie. Also, look for a really flavorful batch of Herdsman.
Darmo’s Farm is poppin’ with peppers and peaches. Stop by for their sweet corn, eggplant and tomatoes, too.
The beauty of raw farmland cheeses is how they vary season to season. These 2 beauties went off to compete at The American Cheese Society Awards. You can see how different this little cheese is when made with summer milk versus winter milk. The texture changes, flavor changes and even the color changes. Do a little taste testing for yourself at Cherry Grove Farm.
Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms is a 25+ year old family owned mushroom farm located in the mushroom capital of the world ~ Kennett Square. They grow, pick and pack crimini, portobello, shiitake, maitake, oysters, king oysters and lions mane mushrooms for lots of farmers markets in our area. And we are lucky enough to get them on Saturday mornings. Mushrooms – so versatile, so packed with nutrition, so great in cold summer salads – all day, any day – 24/7
Pee Wee’s Ice Cream has been churning your favorite farmers market finds into delicious ice creams! Stop by for Harvest coffee, Lavender honey vanilla bean, Durr Farm blackberry lemon shortbread, Chocolate whiskey and 2 vegan flavors ~ Chocolate chip cookie dough and Chocolate raspberry brownie. Don’t forget to grab a chipwich while you walk about the market!
Things are starting to look pretty peachy at Cheese Etc. & Gourmet Gifts. They took their homemade peach jam, mixed it with cheese, and then threw in a bit of alcohol, too. This week they are rolling out their first batch of ‘Spiked Peaches & Cream’. Be sure to stop by and try some as they are here for a limited time.
Artisans & Guest Vendors
Springville Herbary
Green Cow Handcrafted Soaps
Taylor’d Eatz
Kittens Mittens
Holly Mount Creations
Turnings by Woody
Gemstone Creations
The Jersey Jerry Broomsquire
In Nurturing Hands