What to look for on Saturday, July 11th ~

Live Music with The John Byrne Band

Durr Farm’s sweet corn just might need a few more days to be perfect for you, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Have you noticed their sea of tomatoes growing each week? It’s a thing of beauty. They’ll have plenty of squash, freshly dug potatoes, onions, carrots, kales, cabbage, radishes, lettuces, cucs and kohlrabi. Look for peaches this week, with blackberries soon to follow.

1895 Organic Farm will have kales, beets, onions, chard, yellow squash, green zucs, potatoes and more. ~ All Certified Organic ~ of course.

We’re counting the days until Robson’s Farm brings their peaches to the market. Field tomatoes are ready and hopping on the truck for tomorrow’s market! Look for kale, beets, zucchini, yellow squash, kohlrabi, broccoli, Daikon radishes, cucs for pickling, and a few more hot house tomatoes.

Fresh baby carrots are back at Pinelands Produce, along with microgreen samplers, pea shoots, cherry tomatoes mixed pints, heirloom tomato pints, heads of lettuce, baby summer squash, cucumbers, mixed peppers, along with limited shishitos. Small flower bouquets are possible, fresh cut herbs and herbs to plant. Yes, we are still planting those herbs, tomatoes and pepper plants! Squash blossoms are possible, and those cute cucamelons are making their debut.


You want Pies? Tis So Sweet Bakery has pies. Along with all their usual sweets for the sweet, they are bringing Blueberry pies and Strawberry crunch cake on Saturday. Get there early!

It’s Tomatillo Salsa time at CJ’s Salsas! That, along with Grilled pineapple, Pico de Gallo, Chipotle, Guacamole, Street corn dip and Chimichurri sauce, all make for a perfect weekend. Enjoy!

Our Souls Shine went blueberry picking! That only means one thing really ~ Blueberry Jam on Saturday!
Stop by their table for that famous cinnamon kale applesauce, and lots of other goodies that are gluten free and keto friendly.
Cherry Grove Farm’s batches of Havilah are perfect for summer. Look for a deep golden color and a complex nutty flavor. This alpine cheese is destined to top burgers and melt into any mac n’ cheese this weekend. Their buttery and funky Rarebird may make its way to the market as well. Buttercup Brie is still 20% off. Look for Havilah Reserve and Toma too. Don’t forget the meats ~ beef hot dogs, patties, sausages, pork chops, steaks, beef short ribs and ham steaks.


Little Hooves Romneys will have more lamb steaks, perfect for grilling this week-end. The recipe will be available at the their table. Lamb spare ribs sold out last week, so let them know how they tasted! They’ll have farm fresh eggs, a variety of lamb sausages and most lamb cuts for your enjoyment ~



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