What to look for on Saturday, October 31st ~

Thanks for your support this season as we all navigated through this very unique year. Stop by tomorrow ~ No tricks, just treats.
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It’s Fuji Apple time at Robson’s Farm. Also, look for broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, fennel, winter squash and potatoes!

Certified Organic kale as it should be! 1895 Organic Farm will also have butternut squash, eggplant, sweet potatoes, carrots, yellow squash, beets and so much more.

As we close out the season, Durr Farm has a brand new field of vine ripe tomatoes ready for the market ~ heirloom and cherry tomatoes! Of course they’ll have pumpkins and squash of all kinds, broccolini, broccoli, potatoes, cabbage, peppers of all types, beets, eggplant, cut flowers and so much more.

Pinelands Produce brings the last of the many varieties of peppers, cut basil and chives! Hold on to a local slice of summer and fall while you still can. Look for baby carrots, 5 kinds of radishes, lots of leafy greens ~ lettuces, kale, spinach, mizuna, arugula and cranberries by the pint or quart. Remember those microgreens that are always in season, and always amazing.

Last call to beautify your fall landscaping! Pick up a mum or two or three from Bart’s Flowers.

Little Hooves Romneys has a whole lot going on at the market. They’ll have lamb chops, ribs, ground and shanks available, along with lots of other great products ~ like farm fresh eggs, fresh pressed apple cider, home grown popcorn and machine washable lamb pelts. New this week is wool mulch ~2 trash bags for $5. This mulch is loaded with organic material, is great for weed control and moisture retention. It breaks down slowly and deters slugs, snails and deer predation. It can be used right now in your garden and flower beds.

It’s been awhile since Cheese Etc. and Gourmet Gifts has offered their goat cheese spread. It’s Ginger Honey Goat with Almonds! This cheese spread features a wonderful ginger honey, Jersey Fresh of course, and with honey from our favorite Jason of Mill Creek Apiary. They’ll probably have a few bags of the ginger honey roasted almonds left over for sale, too! Go early as their Goat Cheese Spreads sell out fast!

After many, many requests, American grain loaves will be back at WildFlour Bakery this Saturday. They are also preparing a savory Thanksgiving hand pie with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. In addition to that, look for their regular line up of breads and pastries. Keep an eye out for their Thanksgiving special order menus. For pre-orders at Wildflour Bakery, just select Burlington County Farmers Market as your shipping method ‘pick up’ at check out.

Stop by Peewee’s Ice Cream and stock up on Harvest Coffee, Lavender honey vanilla, Chocolate Spookies & Cream, Mouse tracks and a few other favorites! They will have OG & Vegan chipwiches, and freeze pops. Peewee pops got a spooky makeover for your favorite ghoul, so check them out! *Stocking up on ice cream is just one of those easy tasks in life 🙂

Holiday Bakery News: Tis So Sweet Bakery is reminding customers to order their holiday pies and cakes this Saturday for their Thanksgiving feasts. Pre-orders will be this Saturday for a special pick up on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. For tomorrow, look for a variety of freshly baked pies, cakes and sweets including Halloween themed cupcakes, Caramel apples and Candy apples!

Kelly Girl Desserts will be at the market on Saturday to offer tastings of her line of desserts available for the holidays. Pre-order with Kelly Girl, also for special pick up before Thanksgiving. Offered now thru the holidays ~ gluten free Brioche rolls (sandwich or sliders) and Pita bread.

Our Souls Shine, a gourmet experience will have their full menu to order from. Stop by their tables to pre-order holiday desserts (all gluten free, keto friendly, low carb, zero sugar) ~ for a special pick up before Thanksgiving. Look for Cindy’s amazing, healthy foods, including applesauce, pindjur, apple butter, elderberry syrup and keto desserts.

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