Nature Programs for Children

We’ve scheduled a series of children’s nature programs here at the Ag Center this fall! Working with Mindy Janson of Mindy’s Den, and starting with sessions about the most common of garden creatures, the pillbug, or roly polie. We will be adding “Seed Exploration” and “Recycling with Rocky Raccoon” in October and November.

roly poly rolled up
Pillbugs and Roly Polies!

Roly Polies (also known as doodlebugs) are more closely related to the crab than any other garden insect. Beneficial insects, roly polies help break down decaying plant matter and even help mitigate soil contaminants.

Join us at the Farmhouse for a class that includes games, crafts and some face time with these fascinating little creatures. This class is geared to 5-10 year olds and will last for 75-90 minutes. We are set up for drop off but each child’s ticket does include a supervising adult if you so wish.

Use the link below to register.