Saturday, July 23rd


This will be the last Saturday for Simons Berry Farm’s blueberries.  Those hand-picked, huge mid-season sweet beauties will be gone way too soon. Get there early!

1895 Organic Farm has lots of veggies coming in – look for those colorful beets, beautiful carrots, chards, kale, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, cucs for pickling and much more.

Robson’s Farm is bringing those peaches! Look for sweet nectarines, too – along with squash, okra, little toms, kale, beets, peppers (bells & hot), Fairytale eggplant and onions.

Toni of Busy Bee Farm was able to get out of her fields to make some gentle, soothing and pesticide free lavender honey soap.  It’s great for sunburned skin as well as everyday use.

This week in cheese at Cherry Grove Farm~ pick up some Herdsman and Tommes (same wheelhouse as tomas and creamier than herdman),  Lawrenceville Jack, Full Nettle Jack, Havilah and few mini bries to go around.  It’s all about pork, too – with sausages, ribs, chops, ground, hocks and roasts.  Check out their website for all the farm happenings.

Spinella Farm is bringing peaches, greens, onions, tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, basil, string beans, zucs and cucs, garlic and cantaloupes.

Davidson’s Mushrooms ~ Nature’s Hidden Treasure ~ Did you know that one medium portabella provides 20% of our daily value of copper ~ 31% daily value of selenium ~ 11% of our potassium needed and 24% of daily riboflavin? According to the USDA National Nutrient Database. Stop by for fresh and healthy mushrooms.

The Jersey Farmhouse will not be at the market this Saturday, but will be back on the 30th with blueberry products and their first peach products!

We’ll see you bright and early on Saturday morning!

Farm to Table Dining at the Ag Center!

FARM TO TABLE dining experience

FARM TO TABLE dining experience flyer

Click here to buy tickets!

Christmas in July Cooking Class

A “Christmas in July” Cake Class
with Cara Griffin of Sift Bake Shop
Sunday, July 24th 1 – 5 pm $60

Baking Techniques Featuring a Buche de Noel
With her keen attention to details, clever sense of culinary style, and many years as a professional baker, Cara guides you through this hands-on crash course in baking and pastry. One project with many elements:
Genoise Cake – Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse filling – Ganache icing – Meringue — each involves simple, quality ingredients and a little technical magic. Learn it, make it — and then take it home to enjoy with family and friends.

To register for this, or any other cooking class, click here!

Saturday, July 9th

~ What to Look for on Saturday ~

Durr Farm’s sweeeeet corn is in!! (spread the word)

‘Judy’s Blues’ ~Blueberries are in full swing at Simons Berry Farm ~ center stage in the barn! Their mid-season beauties are definitely plumper and sweeter this week. If you haven’t already put your order in ahead of time, you best come early as those blueberries seem to take flight quickly.

1895 Organic Farm has more colorful beets, swiss chards, kales, zucs, cucumbers, arugula, lettuce mix, sorrel, parsley, basil varieties…… and probably much more.

MORE peaches are in at Robson’s Farm! And this is just the tip of the iceberg…….so to speak. Onion, pickles, cucs, squash, green beans, garlic, kale, broccoli, beets and maybe a few other treats will be arriving, too 🙂 For a peek inside Robson’s Farm – info – history – news – blogging – visit their website right here.

Spinella Farm is also bringing juicy peaches, greens, basil, beets, zucs, garlic and those delicious fingerling potatoes. Their tomatoes might be ready to come to the market, and possibly some string beans.

Beat the heat at Davidon’s Mushrooms with their way too cool mushrooms – Easy to sauté or great in a refreshing summer salad!

Oh, those beautiful longer stemmed lavender bunches at Busy Bee Farm!…… Yes, they are longer this Saturday – but limited bunches will be available. Their raw Wildflower and Lavender honey is pretty fantastic, too!

Mini Bries are coming to the market again at Cherry Grove Farm! Other cheeses making an appearance are ~ Havilah, Lawrencville Jack, Full Nettle Jack, Herdsman and perhaps some Abruzze Jawn. On the meat front, there will be lots of whey-fed pork to look for – with chops, ribs, sausages and bacon. Pork liver makes a delicious pate and can be requested ahead.

In related news: Cherry Grove Farm is hosting an awesome -Dishing up New Jersey- Farm to Table- this Friday. Check out their website HERE for all the details.

Don’t forget to stop by B&P Creations for smoked wings this Saturday.
As if wings and homemade barbecue sauce weren’t enough, they have added spiral smoked hot dogs to the menu.

Summer Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes at
The Farmhouse Kitchen
Summer 2016

Click here to register for any cooking class!

Hand-Crafted Pasta Series
with Jolynn Deloach of “In My Grandmother’s Kitchen”
Jolynn teaches the ancient art of handmade pasta — a skill she learned in her grandmother’s kitchen where this beautiful food was a cornerstone of her cooking. Since that time, Jolynn has passed this art on to her children and grandchildren — she brings her knowledge and skills to the Farmhouse Kitchen to share with you.

Pasta 101
Tuesday, July 19 6 PM $55
Sfolglia (“sfo-lee-ah,” meaning “sheet”), native to Emilia Romagna, refers to the hand rolled fresh egg pasta sheet. Prepared on a warm and porous wood board, the dough comes together and is worked extensively against the wood surface where it develops its unique flavor and textural characteristics. It is then rolled using a wooden rolling pin, and cut or shaped by hand. Go beyond the recipe and learn this traditional skill at the elbow of a master. Students will make their own dough from scratch, learn the “feel” of when it is fully kneaded, and know the touch required to roll it, stretch it, and shape it. After each class sample your labors, and enjoy a beautiful pasta dinner, then bring home a batch of “homemades” to share.

Fresh Summer Pasta
Monday, August 8, 6 PM $45
Fresh hand made semolina pasta with simple, fast and fresh summer sauces.
This class takes aim at using the local, fresh and peek of season vegetables available at the farmers markets. Think herbs, garlic, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, greens — then match them with the fun shapes and toothsome texture of hand made semolina pasta. Simple, stellar ingredients, good technique, and a bit of imagination. . . . . Come ready to enjoy some truly delicious pasta.

Next in our Summer Preserving Series . . . .

Blueberry Chipolte Barbecue Sauce
Monday, July 11th, 6 pm, $30
This sauce is a unique combination of sweet smoke and spice — great for ribs, chicken, or lamb on the grill — Water-bath preserved, it makes a great “host” gift for the neighbor’s backyard BBQ.

Summer Cocktails
Wednesday, July 27, 6 pm $35
Mix a bit of the season into your cocktails, and bring new flavors to your backyard picnics and BBQs. In this class you’ll make fresh fruit and herb syrups to create new Summer beverages; then mix both cocktails and mock-tails to enjoy after class (recipes included).

All ingredients and equipment (including jars) are provided. Students take home two jars of what they make in class.

The preserving classes are taught by Danielle Brenner of The Jersey Farmhouse specializing in preserving New Jersey’s freshest produce. Danielle has been canning since she was 11 years old. She hopes that these classes empower people to preserve the local bounty, and heighten our appreciation for what goes into the food we eat.

Click here to register for any cooking class!

Saturday, July 2nd

It’s Christmas in July!

~Santa is arriving at 11:30am

~Bring a new and unwrapped toy to donate to Toys for Tots

~Make a Card to send to our troops.

A Big Thank You to the Burlington County Marine Corps League #695

~What to Look for on this holiday weekend ~ It’s the 4th of July AND Christmas in July!

Judy’s berries are turning blue on Simons Berry Farm, but they are not real sweet ~ as the sugar hasn’t completely risen in them yet.  With that being said, Judy will bring some for those who are having a hard time waiting 🙂  However, the following Saturday on July 9th, Judy’s Blues will be coming into their prime and everything will be full speed ahead!

The Jersey Farmhouse says it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping!  And who wouldn’t love to have Jersey Fresh blueberry jams on their Christmas morning pancakes and waffles?  Stock up for all your holiday needs, stocking stuffers and hostess gifts.  The Jersey Farmhouse will have several varieties available this week!

Spinella Farm will have string beans, greens, beets, peaches, cucumbers and zucchini ~

1895 Organic Farm is just bursting as the first of the white sweet onion and red beets came to the market last week.  This week  they will have more, along with gold and Chioggia, too.  The kales and greens and zucs will continue onward.

Busy Bee Farm is bringing the Christmas gifts to the market this week ~ and they’re beautiful.  Come for the best local honey and stay for the new coaster sets that match their bee mugs, spoon rests and tea towels.

Cherry Grove Farm has their line-up of farmstead cheeses coming to the market. What’s a farmstead cheese, you ask? When the farmer milks his own animals, on his own land, to make his or her own cheese ~ that’s what Cherry Grove Farm is all about in all their grass-fed goodness.  And winning all those blue ribbons for doing farmstead so well is pretty awesome, too!

Davidson’s Mushrooms is full of USA celebration suggestions.  Portabellas for grilling is a great idea, or gobble them up as appetizers.  Ask about their great recipes to help you prepare for your 4th of July picnic with any of their fresh mushrooms.

Kuzina by Sofia has your 4th of July essentials.  Look for their zesty pepper feta spread, roasted eggplant salad spread, Tzatziki and hummus.  And remember to grab their fresh baked spanakopita or fresh carved gyro while you’re at the market.