Saturday, July 2nd

It’s Christmas in July!

~Santa is arriving at 11:30am

~Bring a new and unwrapped toy to donate to Toys for Tots

~Make a Card to send to our troops.

A Big Thank You to the Burlington County Marine Corps League #695

~What to Look for on this holiday weekend ~ It’s the 4th of July AND Christmas in July!

Judy’s berries are turning blue on Simons Berry Farm, but they are not real sweet ~ as the sugar hasn’t completely risen in them yet.  With that being said, Judy will bring some for those who are having a hard time waiting 🙂  However, the following Saturday on July 9th, Judy’s Blues will be coming into their prime and everything will be full speed ahead!

The Jersey Farmhouse says it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping!  And who wouldn’t love to have Jersey Fresh blueberry jams on their Christmas morning pancakes and waffles?  Stock up for all your holiday needs, stocking stuffers and hostess gifts.  The Jersey Farmhouse will have several varieties available this week!

Spinella Farm will have string beans, greens, beets, peaches, cucumbers and zucchini ~

1895 Organic Farm is just bursting as the first of the white sweet onion and red beets came to the market last week.  This week  they will have more, along with gold and Chioggia, too.  The kales and greens and zucs will continue onward.

Busy Bee Farm is bringing the Christmas gifts to the market this week ~ and they’re beautiful.  Come for the best local honey and stay for the new coaster sets that match their bee mugs, spoon rests and tea towels.

Cherry Grove Farm has their line-up of farmstead cheeses coming to the market. What’s a farmstead cheese, you ask? When the farmer milks his own animals, on his own land, to make his or her own cheese ~ that’s what Cherry Grove Farm is all about in all their grass-fed goodness.  And winning all those blue ribbons for doing farmstead so well is pretty awesome, too!

Davidson’s Mushrooms is full of USA celebration suggestions.  Portabellas for grilling is a great idea, or gobble them up as appetizers.  Ask about their great recipes to help you prepare for your 4th of July picnic with any of their fresh mushrooms.

Kuzina by Sofia has your 4th of July essentials.  Look for their zesty pepper feta spread, roasted eggplant salad spread, Tzatziki and hummus.  And remember to grab their fresh baked spanakopita or fresh carved gyro while you’re at the market.

Saturday, June 25th

~What to Look for on Saturday ~

Come celebrate national Pollinator Week with Busy Bee Farm!  In addition to their delicious honey and lavender products, pick up some educational materials about the critical importance of bees and other pollinators to our world. Check out this website and find some awesome festivals to attend this week.

1895 Organic Farm will be bringing gorgeous kales, garlic scapes, red beets, arugula, sorrel, parsley, oregano, basils, green zucs, kohlrabi, greens and more……

At Cherry Grove Farm its’ gonna look a lot like last week. Calves are being born every day which means more milk and more cheese!  Speaking of cheese, they’ll have Toma, Herdsman, Lawrenceville Jack and a bit of Reserve Jack, Full Nettle Jack and Havilah.  Brie is ripening and they’re hoping to have some for the market!

Jersey Blueberries will be making their debut on The Jersey Farmhouse table this week. New varieties will be added each week through mid-August.

Spinella Farm will have blueberries, greens, zucchini, carrots, basil, cucumbers ~ and hopefully some string beans.

Davidson’s Mushrooms always has a large selection.  Try their Pom Pom Mushrooms with the flavor of crab / lobster.  Delicious ~ See ya Saturday!

Saturday, June 18th – 10 Years!

It’s Our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!!
We thank you for 10 years of supporting our local farmers and small businesses!
To show their appreciation to you, our vendors have donated items from their tables for customers to win throughout the day. 
 Look for the Spinning Wheel
and get your tickets IN to WIN.  Someone gets to spin every 10 minutes.
Find our vendors who have been with us for 10 years, and be sure to thank them for all their hard work over the years. 
Without our dedicated family of vendors, our market would not be the success it is today
Cherry Grove Farm is knee deep in haying and calving on the farm.  All those calves mean more milk which means more cheese!  They’ll be sending folks to the market with Herdsman, Lawrenceville Jack, their blue ribbon winning Jack Reserve (limited supply) Full Nettle Jack, Havilah and their fingers are crossed for Brie!
Davidson’s Mushrooms says, “It’s grillin’ and chillin’ time for Father’s Day Weekend.”  They have delicious Portabellas and great recipes for shiitake salads. Stop by – Load up.
Lots of news at The Jersey Farmhouse ~ They will be celebrating our 10th anniversary with some special ‘limited edition’ products.  They’ll have a Raspberry Champagne Jelly and a Market Sangria Jelly – a Jersey red wine with market flavors of infused blueberries and cranberries.  Both are delicious for summer hor d’oeuvres and meat glazes.  This will be the last week of their full line of strawberry products.  Blueberries start June 25th !
It’s the last week for strawberries at Specca Farm.  Despite the late freeze, it’s been a good run.  They still have plenty of Fava beans, though! You might wonder what one does with a Fava bean that looks like a giant lima bean in a large pod. Check out this website that has some interesting history on the Fava ~ and great ideas on how to prepare this wonderfully nutritious bean.
Busy Bee Farm has beautiful lavender bunches for sale in addition to their delicious Lavender, Apple Mint and Wildflower honey.
Robson’s Farm is bringing red butter lettuce, iceberg lettuce, hot house tomatoes, spring onion, shelling peas, sugar snap peas, snow peas, curly and dinosaur kale and Swiss chard.

Saturday, June 11th – Rutgers 250th Celebration



for 250 Years

Events in the Farmhouse Kitchen:

9:00 am – Farm to Market: Learn about locally grown food and taste test what’s in season.

10:00 am – Healthy Cooking with Herbs and Spices: Learn more about adding pizzazz to your favorite dishes for delicious healthy options.

Other exhibits:

  • Family & Community: Health Science
  • 4-H Displays
  • 4-H Animal Expo: Seeing Eye Puppies and Small Animals

Cloggers Perform at 10:30am

~ What to look for on Saturday ~

It’s finally here!  Busy Bee Farm will be bringing their first bottles of this season’s amazing Apple Mint Honey.  Limited quantities available this Saturday!

1895 Organic Farm will have more of those sweet organic strawberries on Saturday, along with spinach, kales, lettuces, garlic scapes, sorrel, oregano, kohlrabi and radishes.

The Jersey Farmhouse will have strawberry products for 3 more weeks ~ hopefully.  Strawberry Cocoa Jam has sold out every week and this may be the last week for that variety.  The very popular Strawberry Lavender will make its debut this Saturday – wonderful on a scone or in some lemonade!  And speaking of drinks, the last of the Strawberry Vanilla syrup will be available for mixing with iced tea, lemonade, coctails, over pancakes, waffles and ice cream.  All the delicious standbys will be in stock.  Don’t forget to stock up for out of season!  Blueberry products will start with the first blueberries during the last week of June.

Robson’s Farm has great produce coming in with shelling peas, sugar snap peas, snow peas, spring onions, Swiss chard, parsley, garlic scapes, kohlrabi, Bok Choi and hot house tomatoes arriving…..

And be sure to visit the Eds down at Spinella Farm for their strawberries, asparagus, greens and snow peas.

Think Crimini Kabobs at Davidson’s Mushrooms, paired with market veggies and fresh meats ~ easy and delicious. Check out all their other fresh mushrooms, too!

Cheese Etc. and Gourmet Gifts is still celebrating the STRAWBERRY! Come sample their Berry Grigio Cheese Spread, a creamy cheddar cheese blended with organic strawberry preserves and Pinot Grigio wine. Wine and cheese in one bite? Perfect! Check out their website for all their products.

This Saturday look for everyone’s favorite snacks by Jim’s Jarhead Jerky! Their award winning beef, turkey and pork loin jerkies will have you coming back for more! And don’t forget about their spicy pickled sausage ~ Delicious. Want to know more? Their website has all the info.

Just a few spots left!

Join us at the Farmhouse Kitchen tonight!



Salmon Seminar

with Master Chef Tom Griffins

Monday, June 6, 6 pm — $45 

A whole salmon, from the cutting board to the plate — Chef Tom will demonstrate fish filleting techniques, and then cook three dishes showing how to poach, sauté, and grill the fillets – matching each style of cooking with a quick sauce. We’ll also discuss and taste the different species of salmon that are available — wild salmon vs farm raised; coho, and salmon trout. (Click here to register for class)

Chef Tom Griffiths is Global Vice President of Campbell Soup’s Culinary & Baking Institute; former Associate Dean of Advanced Global Cuisines at The Culinary Institute of America, he is one of approximately 75 Certified Master Chefs (CMC) in the United States – the highest level of culinary certification. 

Saturday, June 4th

‘Choose Your Cover’ 

with the Burlington County Health Dept’s 

~Free health screenings~  

Blood pressure and 

Skin cancer checks

~from 8:30 to Noon~

Sun Safety Kit Giveaways!

Back by popular demand, Tea for All is bringing their iced-cold caffeine-free Hibiscus Punch this Saturday.

And they wouldn’t dare arrive without the cold brewed pineapple coconut black tea!

~ What to look for on Saturday ~

Specca Farm will have lots of strawberries again, spinach and lettuces, too! Look for fresh snow peas, garden peas and young fava beans.  You’ll want to cook these young pods & beans like a green bean.  Next week they will have favas that need to be shelled to eat beans only.

Spinella Farm is bringing their strawberries, asparagus and green scallions ~ and new this week is snow peas!

Robson’s Farm has more and more coming in each week! Look for shelling peas, sugar snap peas, snow peas, spring onions, Bok choi, lettuces, Swiss chard and hot house tomatoes.

If this hot weather has you thinking of cool mushroom salads, then you’re in luck.  Davidson’s Mushrooms has great recipes for Shiitake salads, so be sure to pick some up.  Also, try their delicious Pom Pom mushrooms that taste like crab and lobster ~ for more cool salads.

This will be the last visit of the alpacas from Windy Farm Alpacas until the fall.  All yarn will be 10% discounted on Saturday.

Busy Bee Farm will have their full line of local honeys and lavender products.  They will also have a new supply of lavender patterned 3-piece cup and infusion sets.  They make beautiful gifts and sell out fast.