Saturday, August 29th

What to look for on Saturday ~

There’s awesome going on at 1895 Organic Farm! Awesome peppers, tomatoes, beets, carrots ~ awesome spaghetti and butternut squashes ~ awesome eggplant, onion silver queen corn, and basil. Cooking pumpkins are also coming in. Their fields are full of surprises!

These are the last 2 weeks of peach products at The Jersey Farmhouse, as they welcome some new September crops ~ Yup, plums and apples are on the way. New this week? Harvest Jam will be making its debut. Stock up as it’s a customer favorite and sure to sell out!

Busy Bee Farm grew a limited amount of ginger this year and has paired it with their Aronia berries for a new Ginger Aronia loose leaf tea. Add some of their raw Wildflower Honey for a delicious and healthy treat.

Mushrooms are always in at Davidson’s Mushrooms with Crimini and Portabellos – Great for stuffing with Jersey Shore crabmeat!

After (or maybe before) you’ve visited all your favorite farmers, let’s not forget another reason we find ourselves drawn to the market each Saturday……… Our Favorite Bakers! Everyone is spread out, but not hard to find.

Our Shared Ground ~ Wood fired sourdough wheat or rye breads, lemon poppy scones, or cranberry or lavender or…….
Tis So Sweet Bakery ~ Pastries, cakes, brownies, dessert bars, bean pies, pecan pies and more weekly surprises
Happy Wanderer Bakery ~ Cookies, brownies, pies, cakes
Yours Exclusively Desserts ~ Bread pudding, banana nut bread
Sift Bake Shoppe ~ Tiramisu, chocolate creme pie, and key lime pies all in jars ~ ice cream sandwiches and peach pie pops
Deluca’s Bakery ~ Breads, rolls, muffins, danish, stuffed breads, pies
MECHA Artisan Chocolate ~ for another kind of sweet treat ~ Toffee, assorted bark, caramel and peanut butter chocolates and more…..

Everyone has their favorites as they grab their hot or cold coffee or tea, and enjoy the music of the day.

So, whatever draws you to our market, we thank you for supporting local ! We’ll see you bright and early Saturday morning!

Saturday, August 22nd

What to look for on Saturday ~

Spinella Farm wants you to know they will not be at the market this Saturday, but promise to be back next Saturday.

 1895 Organic Farm will have their usual line-up of fabulous peppers, eggplants, kales, beets, carrots of many colors, many varieties of tomatoes, parsley, arugula, cucs, potatoes and onions and so much more ~ all certified organic.

Robson’s Farm still has those juice yellow and white peaches coming in. Look for wax beans, lot of peppers, eggplant, squash, watermelon and much more!

When strolling around the market, you can find your favorites at other ag vendors.  Stop at Darmo’s Farm for those perfect juicy tomatoes, Durr Farm for the sweet corn, Cranberry Hall Farm for those fantastic watermelons, and Fertile Crescent  Farm for organic lettuce varieties. Pick up a salad to eat on the spot at Hlubik Farm.

On the cheese board at Cherry Grove Farm, expect all the classics ~ The Jacks, Brie, Havilah, Herdsman…… and an incredibly flavorful batch of a limited edition, Toma. The round of beef this week includes steaks and premium patties.  This could be the last round of premium cuts this year.

Some of Busy Bee Farm’s first Aronia Harvest will be available in loose leaf ~~ Aronia Lemongrass Tea.  Aronia, also called chokeberry, is a native shrub whose berries contain 3x more antioxidants than blueberries and other dark fruits.  Try some hot or cold for your health and for great taste!

The Jersey Farmhouse says that Peaches, Plums and Nectarines are in full harvest! They will have jams in all varieties on Saturday.   New – Nectarine Lime and Spiced Plum :)

Stop by Davidson’s Mushrooms and throw those beauties into any summer salad or kabob.

Saturday, August 15th


We are pleased to have

Burlington County Farmland

~ 30 Years Preserved Art Exhibit ~

 Visit the exhibit in the farmhouse during market hours.

Exhibit is free

What to look for on Saturday ~

1895 Organic Farm will have their usual colorful layout. However, they do want you to know their organic sweet corn may be ready ~ but just for a short time.  You will also find some beautiful butternut squash and spaghetti squash on their tables.  You might think that’s really early – and you would be right.  But, an early harvest has started.  Look for those fabulous peppers, eggplants, kales, beets, carrots of many colors, many varieties of tomatoes, parsley, arugula, cucs, potatoes and onions ~ all certified organic.

Robson’s Farm still has those juice yellow and white peaches coming in. Look for wax beans, lot of peppers, eggplant, squash, watermelon and much more!

Cherry Grove Farm continues to talk cheese, and does a great job doing it.  Abruzze Jawn, ACS Blue Ribbon winning Pepper Jack will be at the market.  Looks like some nice brie is heading this way as well. Demand has been high on the beef and pork front, but you can still find steaks, ribs and chops.

Grab a beautifully layered fresh, farm salad in a mason jar at Hlubik Farm ~ and enjoy it at the market. Their cantaloupes and watermelons are already cut up for you to eat on the spot.

Visit all our ag vendors, Darmo’s Farm, Fertile Crescent Farm, James Durr Farm, Cranberry Hall and Spinella Farm ~ from heirloom to organic ~

Pat’s Pet Pastries will not be attending this Saturday, but wants you to know she will be at Whole Foods Hatchery today 8/13, in Cherry Hill until 7pm if any customers want to stop by and stock up for their 4-legged friends.

Our visiting bakery, Sift Bake Shop, will be at the market this Saturday. Expect a repeat of last time – tiramisu, layered chocolate mousse and key lime all in jars, fantastic pie pops and ice cream sandwiches! They’ll be inside the vendor barn ~

Saturday, August 8th

Holistic Nutritionist, Michelle Kearns 

will be at the market on Saturday 

for 2 Great KIDS’ Cooking Demos.

‘Meet’ Your Local Farmers and learn about the awesome job they do in our local community.

  This is an interactive demo with the kids making their own yummy snacks.

First Demo at 10am

Repeat Performance at 11:15am

(all demos are free)


What to look for on Saturday ~


1895 Organic Farm is bringing their usual stars of the season, plus cantaloupes!  Check out those colorful peppers, carrots, beets, kales, onions, beans, squash, tomatoes galore, radishes, parsley, basil, lettuce mix, and really so much more.  You’ll have to see it for yourself to believe it.  Just get there early……..

Robson Farm will have more of their sweet and juicy, yellow and white peaches on Saturday. And if you’ve never tried their little husk cherries, which are sometimes called ground cherries – but are not cherries at all – you should check them out. They are a small, pale orange fruit, enclosed in a paper husk, with the unique and mysterious flavor of a super sweet cherry tomato, with a hint of strawberry or maybe mango? Decide for yourself and let me know.


Busy Bee Farm has more ‘double duty’ lavender mint loose leaf tea.  It will see you through the last hot days of summer when iced and will keep you warm this winter when heated up! Remember to do some taste testing of that delicious local honey before walking on……


Cherry Grove Farm wants to share their fantastic news.  Last week their cheesemakers won a Blue Ribbon for their Peppered Jack at the American Cheese Society Conference.  Congrats to Cherry Grove!  Some blue ribbon buttercup brie will be on hand Saturday, along with more blue ribbon Lawrenceville Jack Reserve. There is so much happening on their farm ~

Please visit their website for all the details. 

What’s going on at the Davidson’s Mushrooms?  Stop by and check out those beautiful Portabellos.  They’re great for grillin’ and then chillin’ – in that order…..


Neil’s Sharpening Services will be at the market this Saturday. Remember to bring your: knives, scissors, clippers and cloppers, shears, blades and chains, axes and hatchets! 

Visit Neil’s website for details on all his services.


Our county’s Master Gardeners will be at the market, too!  So bring all your gardening problems and questions.  Go home with all the answers :)


Now that the temps may start going down a bit, Mecha Artisan Chocolates will be back at the market on Saturday ~ for good!