Saturday, August 28th – Dog Days!


The Dog Days of Summer

Bring your favorite canines for an Agility Course,

Dog Contests and Toy Making.

Join The Burlington County Animal Shelter

for info on adopting and The

BC Animal Alliance with adoptable pets, too!

Robson’s Farm is nearing the end of PEACH season. Only a few weeks left.  What’s still coming to the market? Little tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, husk cherries, potatoes, onions and beets….and peaches.

The Jersey Farmhouse will have lots of peach products available this week.  Plum varieties will be introduced this week, along with nectarine varieties.  The J Farmhouse will not be at the market on Sept 3rd, but we are looking forward to apple and then cranberry varieties in September!

Haynicz Farm is bringing the apple orchard ~ Galas, Blondies, Dante Reds and Paula Reds!

Cherry Grove Farm ~ Grass fed and finished beef for gorgeous steaks from sirloin to rib eye to NY strip, ground beef and short ribs.  From the cheese front, they’ll have Havilah and Lawrenceville Jack to share this week.  Fingers are crossed from some Brie and Abruzze for this Saturday. The Abruzze ran fast last week!

To complement their delicious honey, Busy Bee Farm will have their beautiful lavender 3-piece tea cups and infusers available again on Saturday.  They’ve re-stocked the matching spoon rests to accompany the bee and lavender themed towels. But really, get some of the awesome local honey.  Taste test for sure before deciding!

Saturday, August 20th

Our market is more than just perfect produce.
Jersey Fresh comes in chicken, lamb, beef and pork, too!

Griggstown Farm is proud to raise all natural, free range and cage free without overcrowding, poultry. If you haven’t done so, pick up their poultry, savory pot pies, chicken & turkey sausages, seasonal soups, chili and sausages ~ all prepared on the farm. Visit their website to see all they do.

Stop by Cherry Grove Farm and their farmstead cheeses and pasture raised beef and pork. They produce grass and whey-fed meats, raised without hormones, antibiotics or steroids. There is so much more to this sustainable farm.
Visit their website for the full picture.

As August rolls on, 1895 Organic Farm’s tables become more and more colorful. The peppers and carrots are like rainbows. The kales and eggplant, onions, squashes, cucs, tomatoes, spaghetti and butternuts, potatoes are all in and all certified organic.

Spinella Farm will be bringing their beans, garlic, greens, peaches, melons and apples.

Yes, apples are in! Stop by Haynicz Farm on your way in or your way out of the market. They’ll have those sweet and crisp, Paula Reds and Dante Reds.

Robson’s Farm continues to bring those fantastic peaches and nectarines. Apples are making an appearance on Saturday, too.

At Busy Bee Farm, sachets are making their debut for the first time in a while. Honeys? Lavender and Wildflower!

Preservation Provisions Handcrafted Foods will be stocked up with their Bread & Butters, Spicy B&Bs, Jersey Devil and Garlic Dill Pickles. Have you tried those hot sauces? The tomato/corn salsa is awesome, too.

Saturday, August 13th

Happy National Farmers’ Market Week!!

New this week: Haynicz Orchardview Farm will be joining our market on Saturday and bringing their apples! So give them a warm welcome ~ They’ll be on the walkway as you enter the market. Haynicz will be bringing Paula Reds (slightly tart /a good all-purpose apple), and Dante Red (a real sweet apple flavor). Galas are soon to follow with Fuji after that!

The push is on this week at Cherry Grove Farm with their Lawrenceville Jack, Herdsman and Havilah ~ with a possibility of some Abhruzze Jawn as well. Definitely take advantage of the taste testing going on before choosing your favorite 🙂 On the meat front, whey-fed Heritage Berkshire Pork is the name of the game this Saturday. And there’s a Smoke Sale going on with their baby back and spare ribs. Look for lots of sausage, chops, country ribs, spare ribs and ham steaks, too.

This is Bart’s Flowers last week at the market (before he returns again at the end of the season), so be sure to bid Tom farewell on your way out on Saturday.

1895 Organic Farm will have that beautiful bounty of color on Saturday. Kale, carrots and eggplant will be showing up along with onion, peppers, squash, cucs, tomatoes, spaghetti and butternuts, potatoes, corn ……..and more certified organic produce.

Darmo’s Farm has those perfect eggplants and tomatoes, Durr Farm is sweet corn central and Robson’s Farm has a bounty of peaches.

The Jersey Farmhouse continues with all their peach jams and jellies throughout August. Stop by and even sample a few.

And this will be Whalen Farms’ last day of the market this Saturday. Thanks for another great season of blueberries!

Saturday, August 6th

What to look for on Saturday:

The market is kicking it up a notch with all the summer favorites arriving ~ as watermelon and cantaloupe join in on the fun with sweet corn, peaches and tomatoes!

It’s just that time of year ~ 1895 Organic Farm’s table is abundant with color with onions, kale, carrots, beets, beans, zucs, yellow squash, cantaloupes, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, arugula, chard, parsley and more – all certified organic!

The Jersey Farmhouse will continue to have peach products throughout August. They will be adding new varieties each week with nectarines and plum varieties. Anyone who special ordered last week can pick up their orders on Saturday.

Busy Bee Farm has a very limited amount of Apple Mint Honey available for Saturday. Toni is not certain that there will be another harvesting this season, so get to the market early if you need some.

Cherry Grove Farm has beautiful grass growing and many, many calves being born…… many:) This week in cheese at the market: Buttercup Brie, Herdsman, some Harvest Tomme, Lawrenceville Jack, Full nettle Jack and Havilah. Looking for whey-fed Berkshire pork? They will have monster ribs, country ribs, pork chops and so much more. Go to their website and check out what’s happening on their farm.

And in related news, MS Food Creations is bringing back their sweet Jersey Peach Salsa!! Yes!!

Saturday, July 30th


Paint the Market PEACH !!!

Sweet Jersey Peaches – Everywhere
Peach Basket Giveaways – All Morning
Free Peach Ice Cream Samples – while they last!
Free Peach Pie Samples – while they last!

Peach Loaf Cakes, Peach Pies – Deluca’s Bakery
Peaches & Scream Hot Sauce – Preservation Provisions
Peach Pies – Griggstown Quail Farm
Peach Cheesecake – Tis So Sweet Bakery
Peach Pie Pops and
Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches – Sift Bake Shop
Peach Jam – The Jersey Farmhouse
Spiked Peaches and Cream Cheese Spread – Cheese, Etc.
Peachy Black Tea – Tea For All
Peach Salsa – MS Food Creations
Peachy Crafts for Kids, and
Lots of Peachy Info and Trivia, too!
Peachy home accents
~at Simons Berry Farm~
For a Peach Fest treat,
pick up Lavender Honey Walnuts
to drizzle over sliced Peaches
~ at Busy Bee Farm ~
Check out refreshing Shiitake
and Peach salad ideas,
~ at Davidson’s Mushrooms ~
And that about covers it……..
See you bright and early for our Peachy Keen Day!

Saturday, July 23rd


This will be the last Saturday for Simons Berry Farm’s blueberries.  Those hand-picked, huge mid-season sweet beauties will be gone way too soon. Get there early!

1895 Organic Farm has lots of veggies coming in – look for those colorful beets, beautiful carrots, chards, kale, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, cucs for pickling and much more.

Robson’s Farm is bringing those peaches! Look for sweet nectarines, too – along with squash, okra, little toms, kale, beets, peppers (bells & hot), Fairytale eggplant and onions.

Toni of Busy Bee Farm was able to get out of her fields to make some gentle, soothing and pesticide free lavender honey soap.  It’s great for sunburned skin as well as everyday use.

This week in cheese at Cherry Grove Farm~ pick up some Herdsman and Tommes (same wheelhouse as tomas and creamier than herdman),  Lawrenceville Jack, Full Nettle Jack, Havilah and few mini bries to go around.  It’s all about pork, too – with sausages, ribs, chops, ground, hocks and roasts.  Check out their website for all the farm happenings.

Spinella Farm is bringing peaches, greens, onions, tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, basil, string beans, zucs and cucs, garlic and cantaloupes.

Davidson’s Mushrooms ~ Nature’s Hidden Treasure ~ Did you know that one medium portabella provides 20% of our daily value of copper ~ 31% daily value of selenium ~ 11% of our potassium needed and 24% of daily riboflavin? According to the USDA National Nutrient Database. Stop by for fresh and healthy mushrooms.

The Jersey Farmhouse will not be at the market this Saturday, but will be back on the 30th with blueberry products and their first peach products!

We’ll see you bright and early on Saturday morning!