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Classes at The Farmhouse Kitchen offer opportunities for aspiring home cooks to learn from seasoned professionals, a chance to learn about different diets, nutrition and wellness, or an occasion to spend with friends.  Class size is limited so students receive personal attention, and each class features ample tastings or a light meal.

  • Herbal Evenings

    Who wouldn’t enjoy a calming warm beverage in the evening? It’s not as if caffeine doesn’t have its place, but for many, evenings need to remain caffeine free. Herbs, fruit, botanicals and spices offer an endless number of options for…

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  • Eggs: Crack the Mystery

    Hands-on Class Learn tips and tricks behind buying, storing, and creating the perfect egg dishes. You will learn how to perfectly hard boil and poach an egg. Also master frittatas and emulsions (Mayonnaise, Hollandaise, Aioli) using eggs. The menu will…

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  • More Vegetables: Focus on Protein

    Chef Junnie Lai taps into her Asian roots and expansive culinary knowledge to offer a range of health conscious cooking classes. From gluten free, to protein forward vegetables, and nutrient dense spices — the menus reflect a spectrum of Asian…

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