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Classes at The Farmhouse Kitchen offer opportunities for aspiring home cooks to learn from seasoned professionals, a chance to learn about different diets, nutrition and wellness, or an occasion to spend with friends.  Class size is limited so students receive personal attention, and each class features ample tastings or a light meal.

  • BBQ Ready: Pickles, Sauces & Relishes

    Before the season really heats up come prepare “something extra” to transform that barbecue from ordinary to extraordinary! In this hands on class, participants will prepare 4 different compliments to a summer dinner and learn the water bath canning method…

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  • 4th of July Favorites

    *Hands-On Class* Join Chef Jerzy in making all your picnic favorites for the 4th of July! Easy BBQ Ribs with Fresh Peach Mop Sauce Grilled Pizza with Shrimp and Feta Roasted Potato Salad with Fresh Dill-Lemon Vinaigrette American Flag Cake…

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  • Cooking Bootcamp for Teens

    with Master Chef Thomas Griffiths July 10th – 13th (ages 12-16) *Hands-On Class* Cooking basics. Every teen should understand how to change a flat, balance a check book and prepare a nice meal. This class will teach hands on culinary…

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  • Cooking with Tea

    With Chef Junnie Lai We like a good cup of tea! We can certainly incorporate tea leaves into your cuisine all. Chef Junnie Lai would like to share a few recipes with you cooking with tea. Spiced Tea Roasted Nuts…

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  • Mixology

    with Danielle Brenner *Hands-On Class* Whether you want to be a great bartender at your backyard party or enjoy for yourself, this class will teach you some drink crafting ideas inspired from the summer bounty. Using fruits and herbs we will…

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