Teachers and Chefs

  • Amanda at The Rod Homnestead

    Amanda at The Rod Homestead

    The Rod Homestead Amanda is a homesteader, mother and grower of beautiful things. She has been living the homestead life passing down things she learns to the next generation. Amanda is always excited to share recipes or tips and tricks for…

  • A Healthy Lifestyle is Chef Fran's Passion

    Healthy Lifestyle is Chef Fran’s Passion

    IF YOU HAVE A DESIRE TO CREATE BETTER BALANCE AND HAVE A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE, CHEF FRAN CAN HELP. Chef Fran is passionate about cooking. Sharing this love of cooking helps people eat better and find a healthier relationship with food….

  • Chef Neelma Patel

    Join Chef Neelma Patel’s Culinary Adventure

    Ask Chef Neelma about her culinary background. She jokes that her culture has been focused on food for the past five thousand years.  Even before her professionally training, Neelma’s life was a culinary adventure. Life’s Culinary Adventure Neelma’s life is…

  • Creative Innovator, Chef Junnie Lai

    A True Innovator, Chef Junnie Lai

    Always the innovator, Chef Junnie Lai uses her culinary talent and creativity to make beautiful, delicious and health-conscious food. A Foundation in Baking Born and raised in Malaysia, Junnie grew up in the family baking business. She continued her education…

  • Canning with Danielle Brenner

    Preserving and Canning with Danielle Brenner

    Danielle Brenner has been preserving and canning since she was 11 years old. This lifelong interest became her business, The Jersey Farmhouse, in 2010. Danielle supports Jersey Fresh, choosing New Jersey’s freshest, local produce in each season. Danelle wears many…

  • Baker extraordinare, Cara Griffin

    Baker extraordinaire, Cara Griffin, owns and operates the custom-order bakery Sift Bake Shop in the SOHA Building in Haddon Township, NJ. Cara believes that treating yourself to something sweet should mean that the treat is worth eating. Start with fresh, quality ingredients…