Cherry Grove Farm, Lawrenceville, NJ

Cherry Grove Farm is a diversified, sustainable dairy farm and creamery situated on 480 acres of woodland, wetland and pasture in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Our diverse herd of dairy cows numbers approximately 100 head, including Jerseys, Freisians, Swedish Reds, Red Ayreshire, and heritage Milking Shorthorns.
Our cheeses are made in small batches and aged on the farm, with attention paid to the craft of artisanal cheese making. Developed from classic European recipes, our cheeses are American originals, each piece reflecting the distinct flavors, aromas and seasonal variations of our unique terroir.
The farm is grass-based and our pastures are certified organic each year. We practice intensive rotational grazing, moving our herds every 1-2 days, depending on the herd and the pasture. As part of our sustainable ecosystem, we also raise a number of heritage- breed pigs, lambs, chickens, turkeys, and beef cattle, producing grass- and whey-fed meats, raised without hormones, antibiotics, or steroids.

By raising a variety of animals we use our resources more efficiently, creating a farm that is sustainable not only in production, but also as a business. With this ethos comes a commitment to the long term health of our land. We believe in building from the soil up, working every day to ensure that our organically certified pastures are nourished and thriving. If we take care of the land, the land will sustain us.

Our commitment as a farm is to be transparent, to educate and engage with our community, reconnecting our neighbors to the land and the source of their food.