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yogurt with fruit in a white bowl
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Homemade Yogurt

Creamy, healthy and delcious!
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 8 hours
Cooling Time 6 hours
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Class Recipe


  • 1 You will need a candy thermometer. Make sure it lays about 1/2” to 1” above the bottom of your pan. If it touches your pan, it will give you a false number as it is closer to your pan and not measuring the internal temperature of your milk.


  • 2 quarts Pasteurized or raw milk not ultra-pasteurized
  • 1 Packet Mild or Traditional Flavor Yogurt Starter or 2 Tablespoons of mother


Oven Method Instructions

  • Slowly heat 2 quarts of milk to 180 degrees. Be sure it is very slowly heating as you must not scald your milk. Cool to 115.
  • Pour your milk into a glass or plastic container.
  • Add 1 packet of starter or 2 TBS mother. Mix thoroughly.
  • Cover and culture (let rest) at 105-112 for approximately 8 hours.
  • Check after 5 hours by tilting your container slightly. If your yogurt moves away in one mass (jello like) and does not look like a liquid it is finishes culturing.
  • Once your yogurt is set cover snd rest at room temp for 2 hours or until it is cooled.
  • Once cooled, refrigerate for at least 6 hours before consuming.

InstantPot Method

  • Pour 2 quarts of milk into your Instant Pot.
  • Turn the valve to the “pressure” setting.
  • Hit the “YOGURT” button until it says “BOIL” and wait until the boil phase is complete.
  • Release the pressure valve (either quick or natural release is ok).
  • Open the Instant Pot.
  • Cool your milk to 115 degrees (life hack - stir the milk with a frozen water bottle to expedite the process)
  • Add 1 yogurt packet into the yogurt maker and stir thoroughly.
  • Hit the “YOGURT” button again until it says 8 hours.
  • Check frequently between hours 5 & 8 by tilting the pot gently. Once the yogurt moves away from the side of the pot in one mass instead of running up the side, it is finished culturing.
  • Once the yogurt has set, cover it and allow it to cool for 2 hours at room temperature to help it set.
  • After 2 hours, transfer to a different container if desired and refrigerate the yogurt for at least 6 hours before consuming for the best set.

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