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Aaji’s Foods

AAJI’s is a women-led family venture that launched in Philadelphia in July 2021. It is Aaji (the mother/grandmother of our family) and her daughter-in-law that are the leaders of their brand, with their mission to demonstrate love through the food they serve and the good they do.

AAJI’s was born out of the desire to do something with great meaning and purpose. To them, food has always been an expression of love. In return there is tremendous meaning in sharing their family’s food and love with the community more broadly.

Their family’s food from Coastal Indian traditions passed down from Aaji has been the centerpiece of love and comfort both in times of joy and healing for their family over the years. It is their desire to deliver this same love and comfort more broadly by adding flavor, warmth and color to any meal.

AAJI’s Website, Instagram

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