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Cherry Grove Farm

Cherry Grove Farm was started in 2002 on land that had been owned by the Hamill family for more than a century. They operate with Hamill’s passion for the land, their Central Jersey community, and the idea of responsible, sustainable food production in mind. While initially home to beef cattle, pigs, sheep, and laying hens, the farm shifted its focus to the production of artisanal cheeses with the addition of dairy cattle in 2005.

Cherry Grove does everything on site, from raising and milking the cows to making and aging their cheeses. By keeping the process in-house, they can ensure that they are using only the best quality milk from humanely treated cattle who graze through the farm’s 200 acres of verdant pasture.

Within a decade of its founding, Cherry Grove established itself as one of the region’s premier cheesemakers, garnering numerous national awards that reflect the care taken in every step of the cheesemaking process. Cherry Grove Farm cares deeply for the well-being of their land, animals, and community they serve.

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