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Davidson Exotic Mushrooms

Davidson Exotic Mushrooms is a 30+ year old family-owned mushroom farm located in the mushroom capital of the world in Kennett Square, PA. They grow portobello, cremini, shiitake, oyster, hen of woods, king oyster, and lion’s mane.

While the farm has been growing wholesale for many years, the retail/farmers market aspect of it is 9 years old with the Burlington County Farmers Market being one of the 1st markets they attended. They attend numerous farmers markets in the Tri-State area and each person working at a market is a family member. So please feel free to ask questions about the growing process and for any special requests. If traveling and you attend a farmers market and see someone selling mushrooms, you will recognize Davidson’s as they all have the same general set up, and always offer recipes for cooking ideas! They thank you for your continued support as they have watched the Burlington County market grow. Thank you again for your continued patronage!

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