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Fishtown Pickle Project

Fishtown Pickle Project was started as a passion project by Dietitian Niki Toscani and Chef Mike Sicinski shortly after gifting handcrafted pickles to their wedding guests. As professional foodies, both have an innate passion for good food and all things pickled. Their mission is to bring people together with good food that creates joy, is kind to the earth and supports the community and other small businesses. We’re a community on a mission to give back, serve wellness, create pleasurable experiences and celebrate community and other small businesses. 

Fishtown Pickle Project specializes in handcrafted, small batch, refrigerator pickles that feature culinary-inspired flavors that are extraordinary yet nostalgic. 

Their pickles are made purposefully and with great care, using all parts of the cucumber and sourced locally whenever possible to minimize our footprint on the environment. Each flavor is created using all natural, high quality and fresh ingredients to maximize bold taste and crispy crunch that brings satisfaction.

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