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Hope Sprouts

We started doing this with a simple purpose: to grow more interesting veggies than what was available, and share our love for gardening with others. For years we bought our veggie starts the same way most people did: from a garden center or big box nursery. Twenty years ago it was nearly impossible to find the kinds of plants we wanted to grow.

In 2003 or 2004 we started searching for more interesting varieties of tomatoes and peppers, and one of our early inspirations was the Baker Creek seed catalogue. Soon we were growing more than we could plant and had an opportunity to get a booth at the Burlington County Farmers Market plant sale in 2015. We’ve been doing the plant sale and the opening market day there ever since.

We grow what we love to cook and eat, but we’re always evolving based on your feedback and our own food growing journey. We are curious eaters, and that influences what we want to grow each year. I’m honored that you’re on this journey with us and that we can keep growing together.

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