Farmers Market

What to look for on Saturday, July 18th ~

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Everything’s Peachy now that Robson’s Farm is bringing those long awaited beauties tomorrow ~

CJ’s Salsas will have more summer favorites to add to their line up. Look for White peach salsa, Watermelon & Cucumber salsa, Chimichurri sauce and a new Hummus Roasted serrano chilies & cilantro.

Jim’s Jarhead Jerky will finally have their delicious Maple Bacon Jerky! This is a huge seller. Be sure to ‘Get Some!’

In other blockbuster news, Durr Farm is bringing the first of their sweet summer corn to the market. We like to call it Corn Mountain. No need to rush, as that mountain gets replenished all day long. It’s not really summer until that corn arrives. Their blackberries arrived last week, and their tomato line up grows each week, from heirloom to green. They’re also bringing peaches, potatoes, peppers, onions, string beans, cucumbers, kale,
beets and cabbage.

1895 Organic Farm will have their many varieties of potatoes, zucs, squash, cucumbers, kale, carrots, beets, basil, patty pan squash, onions, peppers, eggplants and more. Always Certified Organic!

Pinelands Produce has those glorious microgreen samplers, pea shoots, cherry tomato heirloom mixes, large heirloom tomatoes, carrot bunches, mixed summer squash, cucumbers, limited lettuces and sweet peppers. We are still planting tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucamelons, herbs, and flowers. So stop by to finish off your garden.

The theme continues with a day of firsts. Cranberry Hall Farm is bringing their first field tomatoes! Look for their white sweet corn, cantaloupes, green beans and so much more……..

Today in Hot Food News: Hoop House has started bringing their signature handmade meals, made with premium fresh and seasonal ingredients, ready for you to cook at home or enjoy at the market. You just have to try their Tuscan pork & onion hoagies, Shrimp etouffee, Crab & Carrot empanadas and Chickpea chili.

Stop by Our Souls Shine along the walkway, and pick up their Peach and Blueberry jams, yogurts and muffins ~ with zero sugar, low carb and gluten free deliciousness.

Our Favorite Soup Bar is preparing their Fire Roasted tomato bisque and Crab bisque to enjoy at the market or take home for later.

MECHA Chocolate is returning to us! Check out their Summer Box with Banana Rum, Root beer float, Margaritaville, Rasp- berry, Mesquite almond praline and Passionfruit. MECHA’s Brew, Bean and BBQ Box is an awesome addition to their summer lineup. Bring home the Bacon stout, Coffee whiskey, Smoked almond praline, and Smoked white chocolate.


Sunday is National Ice Cream Day and Peewee’s Ice Cream has you covered. They’re bringing so much to the market, that everyone will be able to celebrate. Pick up Lavender honey vanilla, Chocolate whiskey, Cookies and cream (v), Jersey blueberry lemon (v), Harvest Coffee, and PEACH CRISP IS BACK! We get a little emotional just writing that 🙂 Also stocked for the day are Chipwiches ~~ Peewee Pops ~~ and Jersey Freezer pops!

Buttercup Brie and Havilah are taking center stage at Cherry Grove Farm. Some of their other farmstead cheeses may also make their way to the market, such as that funky Rarebird, mildly spicy Jack, Abruzze Jawn, and Havilah Reserve ~ their cheese that is aged for 2 years longer than their younger counterparts. For meats, it’s the usuals ~ Beef hot dogs, Bone-in pork chops, NY strip steaks, ham steaks, ground beef, ground pork, loin and picnic ‘shoulder’ roasts.



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