Farmers Market

What to look for on Saturday, October 24th ~

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1895 Organic Farm tables are full of fall’s bounty. Delicious sweet potatoes, Kale, beets, carrots, butternut squash, eggplant, onions and green beans continue to come in during these beautiful autumn days. Grab all of the above for hearty organic soups on those cold days ahead.


Cabbage on Robson’s Farm comes with a whole lot of fanfare. Check out their amazing cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, along with fresh picked Arkansas black and Fuji apples.


So, this is still happening at Durr Farm ~ Sweet Jersey tomatoes are hanging on, and they’re more delicious than ever. Depending on the temps next week, this could be their last showing. Look for Durr’s bounty of broccoli, beans, potatoes, peppers, all types of cut flowers, squash, zucchini, of course those great pumpkins, and so much more.


This week Cherry Grove Farm will be bringing a hefty amount of Havilah, Toma, Brie and Rarebird! This batch of Rarebird is perfectly ripened with notes of pimento olives and buttermilk, with a funky and nutty rind. For meats they’ll have an abundance of pork roasts at 20% off, ham steaks, offal, cutlets and more. Look for beef roasts, steaks, ground and more.


Holiday Bakery News: Tis So Sweet is encouraging customers to order their holiday pies and cakes this Saturday for their Thanksgiving feasts. Pre orders will be this Saturday and next ~ for a special pick up day before Thanksgiving.


Kelly Girl Bakery will be at the market on October 31st, offering tastings of her line of desserts available for the holidays. Please pre order with Kelly Girl on the 31st ~also for special pick up before Thanksgiving.


Our Souls Shine, a gourmet experience will have their full menu to order from. Stop by their tables to pre order holiday desserts (all gluten free, keto friendly, low carb, zero sugar) ~ for a special pick up before Thanksgiving. But what’s new at Our Souls Shines this Saturday?
Spinach & pepperoni pinwheels! ~all gluten free and diabetic friendly.
Did you know that Cheese Etc. and Gourmet Gifts also has a line of breakfast spreads?
Well, this Saturday would be the perfect day to check them out as they feature a new fall flavor,
~Maple Apple Walnut Breakfast Spread~ It goes well on any breakfast or brunch table! Or, just smear it on some bagels any day of the week! Made with Jersey Fresh apples, roasted walnuts and those classic fall spices.

It’s All Things Pumpkin at Wild Flour Bakery. They’ll have their fall line up of Pumpkin cranberry rustic loaves, Pumpkin bread slices and Pumpkin hand pies. Apple hand pies and cranberry scones are back his week, too. To get exactly what you want, plus a few extras, pre-order HERE directly from the bakery, and select Burlington County Farmers Market as your pick up location.


This will be CJ’s Salsas final appearance in October, so just get there early. We’ll see them again for our special holiday market in November.

The end of the season is fast approaching, so stock up on your favorite flavors at Peewee’s Ice Cream before they are gone. They have over 10 flavors of pints, along with Peewee pops, freeze pops and 2 chipwich varieties (dairy & vegan)

Catch MECHA Chocolate on Saturday with their Fall Favorites, Toffees and Ganaches.



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