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Well, that was fun!

Our Pre-Season Markets are a Wrap!

This season, for the first time in Burlington County Farmers Market history, we finally tested the waters to see what it would be like to have 4 Pre-Season Farmers Markets. We hope you didn’t miss it…. but if you did, they were held on March 3, March 23, April 13, and April 27, from 10-1pm.

Experimenting with a late winter / early spring market was a success.

Would we like to do it again next year?  Absolutely!

Will we dress warmer next time around? Absolutely again!

Winter coats and earmuffs in April were a real thing.

Our Pre-Season Markets are a Wrap!

We thought…

“Many of our farmers and food makers don’t stop producing in our off-season, so why should we stop showing up on Saturday mornings?”

… and we are so glad that we did show up because the turnout was better than we expected!

Even though the produce wasn’t as vast and bountiful as it normally would be during the late spring – summer seasons, we still had plenty of microgeens, lettuces, radishes, chives, and kale and all those cool weather loving veggies to fill our bellies. We also got to bring home our favorite farm fresh meats & eggs, local honey, artisan cheeses, and mushrooms from our local ag vendors.

These guys are season-proof!

Another season-proof treat that we always stock up on were the baked goods & breads, jams, pickles, sauces, pastas, crab cakes, soups, loaded potatoes, hot tea, ciders and coffee – not to mention the incredibly talented artists and crafters who attended each of these Pre-Season Markets. These fine arts can be created and appreciated during any season!

We finished these pre-markets with the most amazing cut flowers (that everyone gobbled up), along with veggie & herb starters. Annuals & perennials made their debut and put a smile on our faces, as they reminded us that warmer weather is truly on its way!  We took notes on what worked… what didn’t…. and scribbled down a few new ideas that we want to try for next season. You could say we’ve been inspired!

It’s the little things… 😊

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